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What Makes a Good Topic for an Essay: Quick Guide

The topic for your essay might appear as a simple line at the top of your paper. However, it plays several crucial roles that make choosing one an important task.

  • Perspective- it gives the reader an idea of the perspective you have chosen on the subject. If that is what the reader was looking for, he will continue into the body of your paper. If the perspective is skewed, he might want to understand why or abandon the paper.
  • Passion- a title indicates your area of interest. As a writer or student, you should choose an area that allows you to express your opinion or understanding of a subject. Passion should thus be reflected in the title.
  • Boundaries- all disciplines are wide. It takes a title to narrow down the area of study. This is why titles or topics should be very specific on what is being handled. It creates expectations that must be met.

If this is the role of a title in an essay, what then makes a good topic?

  • Strength of the topic- by looking at your topic, a person should make a conclusion on what you are addressing. The topic must be convincing and clearly indicate the areas to be handled. This includes boundaries and clarity on how it will be handled. It should enable a reader to develop a clear picture or image of what to expect from the paper.
  • Relevance- the topic must reflect your course, grade and a desire to solve a prevailing social problem. This means avoiding topics or areas that have been studied in the past that you can only repeat. Make your topic resonate with your reader.
  • Fresh- choose a topic that is current. It allows you to give fresh perspective and details about the topic.

A good topic will make your essay easy to write. It must be researchable, meaning that you can find materials to support your argument. Identify a topic that is interesting to read.