Improve your vocabulary. .

It is vital for you, as a student, to have a great vocabulary if you want to create good essays now and in the future. Since you can not improve it in two days, you have to use a trick to seem like you know many interesting words. Search for synonyms for the words you usually use; make sure to have the definition of the word close to you when you read your assignment, just in case one of your colleagues needs an explanation.

Search for interesting pictures.

Naturally, we are talking here about pictures that are somehow related to the topic. If you feel that you can express more by showing a picture than explaining an idea, then bring it in front of your class. This will give everyone a better understanding of the topic and it will show them how much you’ve worked for your assignment.

Pay attention to details.

Most of the students lose marks for silly reasons: they make small grammar mistakes, they use the wrong font, they don’t arrange the spacing or they forget to put the sources at the end of the composition. To make sure that you don’t make this kind of mistakes, take a few days to edit and correct the entire text once you are done writing. It would be even better to ask for feedback from someone else, but this depends if you want your colleagues to know your text before you give it to your teacher.


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